Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Accessible Hearthstone Patch

Lamoine Williams

               Hearthstone is a battle card game from Blizzard/Activision that originally was not accessible, until now. Other card games have tried going the accessibility route, but none have done it as well as the hearthstone accessibility patch. This patch, which can be found on gethub, makes Hearthstone one of the most accessible main stream card battlers as of late. With great music, game sounds, and very good game mechanics, Hearthstone will keep the attention of even the most easily fatigued gamers, like myself.

               The biggest thing that draws me to Hearthstone is the simple navigation of the game. There are no odd keyboard commands that don’t make sense. One thing I can’t stand when playing a game is when the commands are useless and easy to forget. While playing through the tutorial, the commands and strategies of the game are well explained for new players as they should be. The patch was tested with NVDA, but should work for most any screen reader on Windows 10.

               Another aspect of Hearthstone that I enjoyed was the challenge of the A.I. opponents. After being defeated on my first playthrough of the last tutorial mission, I noticed that the A.I. had a few different cards the second time around than the first. I like that collecting cards is something that can be done and players even have the option to purchase cards if they so choose. However, purchasing cards is not needed since you collect cards with each win. I’m interested to see more of the card packs that will be made available.

               Overall, I like Hearthstone and will play it for a good while to come, I’m sure. I want to see what other play styles are available and what other cards and strategies can be learned. I also would like to play against other opponents which I think will be an awesome way of playing with my sighted friends and family. Hearthstone is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows 10.

               The accessible patch is only available on the Windows 10 platform as of right now. If you would like more information about Hearthstone then check out the review video that accompanies this article on the Blind Ohio Gamer YouTube channel at the link that can be found below along with the site where you can find the hearthstone accessible patch.

Review video:

Hearthstone Accessibility site: 

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