Friday, July 16, 2021

Steam Deck: Will Accessibility Meet Portability?

 By Lamoine Williams

               The newest contender in the battle royale of gaming platforms is Valve’s newest creation, the Steam Deck. Being promoted as more of a full-fledged gaming PC than a portable gaming console, this handheld has caught the attention of gamers worldwide. In theory, this new platform could face off against the Nintendo Switch, while also due to the vast library of games already available, could pull gamers in with gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Google Stadia, and Ubisoft Plus among others. If you’re already a Steam gamer then the Steam Deck is definitely worth taking a look at for anyone looking to take their setup on the go.

               The Steam Deck features Steam OS, remote play, and even Cloud Saves for easily transitioning from your PC to the Steam Deck in titles that allow this option. Other features that will be available through Steam OS are notifications, community chat, and Steam Works for using game mods with your favorite titles. The Steam Deck comes in three different options with the differences mainly being storage space, with the more expensive options offering a faster SSD. Preorders go live July 16, 2021. Shipping will begin December 2021.

               Now, let’s talk accessibility. Valve has stated that the Deck is highly customizable, just like a gaming PC. What this means for gamers is that uploading software is easy, and even encouraged in order to make the Stream Deck your own. This could mean running NVDA or even J.A.W.S thus making this one of the most accessible portable platforms on the market. Imagine playing your favorite video games while also being able to play your favorite audio games on the go without carrying around a bulky laptop.

               More information about the Steam Deck will be released in the upcoming weeks as we get closer to launch. To check out all the official news, visit There you will find everything needed to buy one of your own if you choose. My thoughts on the Deck are that although it is useful as a portable platform, I personally don’t need another piece of gaming tech as my iPhone does what I need and is already accessible. However, later on when the system is more tested, I may grab one if there are advancements in Steam’s accessibility overall.

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